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The facility in built on 1000 Sq.mtr Plot Area & the total constructed area is 10000 Sq.feet. Facility is designed to facilitate effective cleaning & maintenance. Floor is covered with Acid Proof & Anti Skid Tiles & process areas covered under epoxy coving. Anti-Fungal treated wall paint to all areas.

All process areas covered under modular Fall Sealing. Even though major sections built under Modular Partition wall. All areas are access with the help of Modular Doors & provided view panel to monitor the activities. All piping & Electrical cables are concealed. Electric Fixture & Lights are flush with wall & sealing. All area is having fall sealing & flush type tube fitting. All diffusers & grills are flush to wall & ceiling. All piping & electrical cables are concealed. Coving is provided throughout the plant for effective cleaning.

The windows of manufacturing areas are clean in place glass window vision panels fixed in strong aluminium frameworks are provided to all the departments. The site includes reception, production unit, Warehouses, Quality control and Assurance, Utilities and maintenance. The warehouses are situated in such a way to have a unidirectional flow of material. Warehouses have packing material and finished product store. The Quality Control and QA are on ground floor.

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