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GMP model sophisticated equipments are designed for the operation and in view with the area / class in which they are to be installed. Production are consist of Liquid Section, Ointment Section & Capsules Section. All the equipments are designed and constructed in such a way that the lubricants used will not come in contact with drug product.

Production-01 (1)
SrParticularsSupplierQty in No.
Liquid Section
1Sugar Melting Vessel 1200 Lit. Working Capacity.Sunrose Engg.1
2Manufacturing Vessel 2000 Lit. Working Capacity.Sunrose Engg.1
3In Line Homogeniser Sunrose Engg.1
4Storage Vessels 2000 Lit. Working Capacity.Sunrose Engg.3
5Horizontal Zero Hold Up filter press Centrifugal Pumps.Sunrose Engg.3
6Basket Filter, Zero Hold up with 100-200# basket for Coarse Filtration.Sunrose Engg.1
7300 Lit. Manufacturing vessel.Pragati Engg.1
81000 Lit. Manufacturing Vessel.Pragati Engg.1
9500 Lit. Manufacturing Vessel.Pragati Engg.1
10Water jet bottles cleaning machineAnchor Mark1
118heads automatic rotary volumetric Liquid filling & ROPP/HDPE Cap Sealing machine.Anchor Mark1
122 Head Semi Automatic Filling MachineRamesh Engg.1
13Single Head Cap Sealing MachineRamesh Engg.1
14Automatic Sticker labelling machine along with Thermal Inkjet Printer.Maharshi Udyog1
15Automatic Carton Over-Printing Machine along with Thermal Inkjet Printer.Maharshi Udyog1
16Packing Conveyor with VFDAmple Egg.1
Capsule Section
1Manual Capsules Loader & Filling Machine. 1
2Manual Capsules counterRamesh Engg.2
3Packing ConveyorRamesh Engg.1
Oinment/External Preparation Section
1Complete Automatic Manufacturing Plant, Capacity 300 kgSunrose Engg.1
2Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine 1
3Packing ConveyorRamesh Engg1