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Air Handling Unit & Air Conditioning

Dedicated air handling units & AC Units have been installed in all core processing areas. Pressure differential between the core processing areas and the less critical areas like passages is maintained to prevent cross contamination.

Air handling units of desired CFM is equipped with 10 micron, 5 micron & 3 micron filters. 80% return air is collected from rooms and 20% fresh air is added to the system. The air temperature is controlled with the help of DX coil. The HVAC system is designed to maintain the required environment conditions.

Dispensing Booth AHU 01
Liquid Manufacturing AreaAHU 02
Liquid Filling AreaAHU 02
Bottles Washing AreaAHU 02
External Preparation/Ointment AreaAHU 03
Ointment Filling AreaAHU 03
Microbiology Lab. AHU 04