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Purified Water System

Reservoir water is supplied through pipelines by M.I.D.C. to site. Adequate quantities are stored on site in R.C.C. underground and overhead tanks. Raw water is monthly examined chemically and microbiologically and confirmed to be free from pathogens. The Raw M.I.D.C Water stored at 5000 Liters Underground storage tank after chlorination. Underground storage Tank is Epoxy coated from inside & Water is kept circulating by means of hygienic pump. From Underground Tank the water is pumped to overhead sintex Tank as & when needed along with SMBS Dosing. From Overhead storage Tank the water is supplied to the pretreatment System consisting of UV Steriliser. The water is then passed to DM Water plant with anion, cation & Mixed Bed Treatment. The product water is collected in 2.0 KL storage tanks of SS 316L. All the purified water storage tanks and loop lines are kept under continuous recirculation at a velocity of above 1.5 m/sec. A slope of 1: 100 is maintained for the water circulation system loop lines.

The water quality is monitored through on line conductivity meter provided in the return loop line. Purified water complies with the requirements as per IP, BP, and USP. Auto dumping valves are provided in the system controlled through PLC Panel activated whenever any parameter crosses the Set limit values. The Purified water generation plant is designed for a capacity of 0.5m3/hr. Storage tanks and other lines of complete water system are of SS 316. Re-circulation loops are of SS 316L with electro-polishing. Various filters are used at different locations in the water treatment system. Filters are monitored regularly and changed at specific intervals or as on when required. Water sampling points and testing frequency after the validation of water system, Microbiology department follow an approved routine Water testing and sampling plan. Water is tested for chemical and microbiological attributes. The test plan involves daily / weekly frequency depending on the type and critical user points.

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