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Quality Control

The Quality Control Department consists of separate instrument section & chemical lab. Separate areas are provided for storage of control samples. All the drainage in the QC is connected to ETP. Microbiology laboratory consists of a class 10,000 testing area provided with change rooms & Laminar Air Flow Bench. It also has a general microbiology room with separate areas for media preparation and media destruction. Microbiology laboratory is well furnished and segregated with critical area, controlled area and general area with respect to the air classification level and criticality of operations.

Accordingly the General change room for enter in to the microbiology lab, a dedicated change room for entering into controlled area and Microbiology Assay Room entry change room (2 entry change with entry buffer) and exit change is Provided . UV Cabinet is provided for keeping the linen to be used in Microbiology Assay Room. Throughout the microbiology laboratory pressure differential is balanced to ensure the required airflow pattern for all the critical & control areas.

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Qc2-01 (1)
Sr. No.ParticularsMakeQty.
1HPLC Dionex Ultimate 3000 HPLC+ System1
2Digital PH meterDBK, Model 10PHM 1
3Melting & boiling point ApparatusDBK, Model 10MPA03, STD. 1
4UV cabinet ( 250 mm 365 nm)Electron, Model EUV-2WR,STD. 1
6Varnier caliper digital 6inch Mutotyo 2
7Hot Air Oveni-therm2
10Colony CounterExpo Hi- tech1
11Antibiotic Zone reader—-1
12Bursting Strength ApparatusLinux1
13Electronic BalanceEssae Teraoka Ltd.2
14Muffle Furnacei-therm1
15Fuming ChamberDBK1
16Hot plateDBK1
18Hydrolic PressPG1
19HomogenizerRemi Industries1
20ViscometerFungi lab.1